Global Radio launch ‘DAX’, a unique advertising platform

Global Radio launch 'DAX', a unique advertising platform

We have just launched Regionally across the UK ‘DAX';

Dax is an innovative, truly unique advertising platform.

Global’s Digital Audio Exchange or ‘Dax’ is a revolutionary way for advertisers to talk to geographically-targeted, audience-specific listeners using a specially created audio network of digital publishers.

By partnering with Rdio, Blinkbox, Deezer and a wealth of others alongside Global Radio’s digital listening platforms, the Dax Exchange reaches over 10m listeners every week. With digital downloads doubling in the UK last year, the market is growing at an incredible rate and Dax brings together a fragmented marketplace into one place.

Test advertisers have seen fantastic results, taking advantage of a 35% incremental reach over broadcast radio. The first advertisers testing Dax as part of the launch have been seen higher brand recall, higher brand metrics, and greater purchase intent than traditional broadcast messaging.

Giles Jespon, Chief Marketing Officer at Heinz, added: “DAX brings an opportunity that no other media platform in the UK currently offers. We are committed to innovation and testing new ways of connecting with our customers, so I am pleased that we are a launch partner.”

If you would like a demo of this amazing platform, contact Shaun Bedford.



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