Looking for a career start? Have you considered an Apprenticeship?

Looking for a career start? Have you considered an Apprenticeship? Are you sick and tired of being told “you need to gain experience” before you can get experience for the job you’re applying for? Are you 16-24 years old? Looking to gain experience within a chosen career path whilst being paid to achieve industry relevant qualifications? Then you need to consider doing an Apprenticeship.

Are you looking for the right opportunity to get paid to learn and gain crucial work experience? Then you need to seriously consider doing an Apprenticeship. Over the last few years apprenticeships have become very popular for young people and companies up and down the county.

What do you gain from doing an Apprenticeship?
Over the period of the placement you will gain a nationally recognised qualification which is relevant to your job role. Whilst working towards the qualification you will be paid a minimum of £2.73 per hour working for a minimum of 30 hours per week. Due to the minimum length of an Apprenticeship, you will come out with at least a years’ worth of work experience within the industry and a number of skills you would have learnt and developed throughout the period of time.

What will this do for my CV?
The majority of Apprentices will be school/college leavers with little to no work experience. On completion of an Apprenticeship you will have a minimum of 1 years work experience with additional qualifications to add to it!

You will also find that 85% of Apprentices are kept on after they complete their Apprenticeship to maintain a full time position within the company.

Will I get paid whilst completing an Apprenticeship?
Of course, nobody works for nothing. Whilst undertaking qualifications, you will be paid a minimum of £2.73 within your first year of an Apprenticeship. Some businesses opt to pay a higher rate.

The Breakdown
To break down how great an Apprenticeship opportunity is here are some statistics from National Apprenticeship Service:

• You have an 85% chance of staying in work after an Apprenticeship.
• There is a 64% chance the employer who employed you for your Apprenticeship to keep you on at the same company.
• You have a 32% chance of being promoted in your first 12 months of being an Apprentice.
• 75% of Apprentices take on new roles within their company for them to try out different jobs it gives you the best chance of finding out what you’re future career is.
• You have a 15% better chance of getting a job with an employer compared to people who haven’t done an Apprenticeship.

So, why should you do an Apprenticeship? As you can see from all the reasons above: the experience you gain is priceless and unique; you will earn a good wage while gaining a strong qualification that employers recognise; you also get to learn how to do your job from people with years of experience and you are a lot more likely to stay in work once you start your Apprenticeship.

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