Advice for Graduates to use LinkedIn more effectively in your job search are delighted to announce a new service using our partnership with local universities and our extensive local business network to create easier pathways for graduates into local opportunities.

Nicky leads Recruitment Services for We consAdvice for Graduates to use LinkedIn more effectively in your job searchtantly hear from local businesses how difficult it is to find great graduates and according to the Association of Graduate Recruitment, it is only getting more competitive with a 14% increase in Graduate Opportunities this year. In Brighton alone, there are currently over 1,700 Graduate jobs advertised and yet we know so many of our great local graduates end up working in bars and coffee shops.

Nicky says: “Having recently spoken with a number of Graduates at recent fairs, I was surprised and genuinely concerned by the number of graduates who either weren’t aware of, or using LinkedIn effectively in their job search. LinkedIn is now one of the most powerful job search tools you can use to interact with businesses – think of it as Facebook for the professional working population. It’s free and the aim is to network and share experience and knowledge. You can join forums and groups that have specific interest in the areas you want to work. It’s used by companies and recruitment agencies looking for people just like you.

Be proactive – if you want to work for a specific company, look for their recruitment page or someone who works in recruitment, HR or the specific area you want to work in. If a smaller company, try the MD or General Manager. Then send them a link/email asking them to connect and personalise the message to say why you are interested in the company and what you could offer. Keep it brief, but don’t be scared of proactively contacting people – it shows initiative, good research skills and will set you apart!”

The attached link is a Top Tip Sheet from LinkedIn specifically aimed at university graduates.

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Graduates – we know you want to work with companies who offer clear career paths, development and training and an opportunity to contribute immediately so we only work with the best local employers who offer this.

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