Evening classes at Worthing College – Photography, drawing, and more courses

Evening Classes at Worthing CollegeCheck out the opportunities available at Worthing College, which are great for busy workaholics that would like to take up something new.

Interested in improving your skills and knowledge? Worthing College have a range of Evening Classes available, including Short Courses for Business.

Photography – Beginners

Starting 14th January, Every Wednesday, 7-9pm. Just £120 for 10 weeks!

The Art of Photography (for DSLR users)

The aim of the course is to increase creative awareness and enjoyment of photography, using standard camera functions and experimentation.

This is a fun course for beginners or those with little photographic knowledge who would like to build on their knowledge of camera techniques and find new and creative ways of working with their camera.


So, you think you can’t draw?

Starting 14th January, every Wednesday, 7-8pm. Only £120 for 10 weeks!

In just ten weeks local artist and teacher, Steve Carroll, can take you from learning to draw cartoon faces to being able to draw a realistic portrait.

Don’t believe us?

Many students have taken this successful course and found a passion for drawing which has led them to taking further art courses to develop their new-found talent.

On this course we shall break the art of drawing down into its smallest components and then build them up again so that students can discover the artist inside them.


All these courses can be both an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Visit the website for further details http://www.worthing.ac.uk/SitePages/EveningClasses.aspx

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