12 Days of Christmas, 12 Top Tips for Job Seekers!

12 Days of ChristmasWe asked some of our LoveLocalJobs.com Founding Partners what piece of advice they would give job seekers when searching and applying for a job. Here’s some of their top tips!


1. Research, research, research
Hastings Direct, Founding Partner of 1066Jobs.com say…

Our best piece of advice would be to research the company and the role that you’re applying for as much as possible before submitting your application. Although we appreciate this can be difficult when searching on job boards, particularly when there can be numerous roles available to you for you to apply for! By doing your research it shows very clearly to the employer you are interested in their role and it can be a great first impression, particularly when the first stage of the process may be a telephone interview or an initial short conversation.

2. Take pride

Goodwood, Founding Partner of CoastalWestSussexJobs.com say…

Don’t give up on sending speculative CV’s and remember to give attention to detail on your CV and application form – take pride. Don’t have just one CV and think that’s it. Read the job description, identify the key job role requirements and adapt your CV to highlight where you meet those requirements. Tailor your CV for each position you apply for. When it comes to cover letters, make sure it’s selling You and is not a template!

3. Be a salesperson and remember the 4 BP’s
Parker Building Supplies, Founding Partner of 1066Jobs.com and LoveEastbourneJobs.com say…

Whatever job you’re applying for at that time you are a salesperson – you have to sell yourself to the employer and make an impression. After that it’s petrol station time, the 4 BP’s! Be Prompt, Be Presentable, Be Polite and above all Be Positive.

4. Maintain your personal brand
Domestic & General, Founding Partner of BrightonandHoveJobs.com say…

Don’t apply for multiple roles at the same company; it devalues your personal brand.

5. Network!
Search Consultancy, Founding Partner of GatwickDiamondJobs.com say…

Build your network – and with the right people who can help you to develop your career prospects.

When it comes to the interview…
Let’s Do Business, Founding Partner of 1066Jobs.com and LoveEastbourneJobs.com say…

6. Make sure you understand the business before you start the interview – do your research, make sure you know exactly what job you are applying for and give some thought as to what you could bring to the business in the first 100 days of joining them.

7. If you’re running late – call ahead and advise the person you’re meeting

8. Don’t arrive too early! There’s no point getting there 30 minutes before the time you’ve been told. Go for a walk around the block. When you are confident you know the location arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your appointment.

9. Make sure your mobile is switched off!

10. Always dress appropriately – it’s always better to be overdressed than under.

11. When answering questions in interviews always give an example of what you have done – examples are the best way of demonstrating what you know and what you have done, they also show you can think on your feet.

12. Make sure you don’t put your Y-Fronts on back to front!

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